Welcome to Phat Poly!

My name is Kayleigh and I am the one woman show behind Phat Poly. 

I am a huge lover of all things big, bright, bold and beautiful! (Can you tell!?) 

My big earring obsession began way back during my school years where it was compulsory to wear a uniform to school. I was always a bit different compared to most other children growing up - a little bit quirky, a bit odd but I was ok with that…What I wasn’t ok with was having to look like everyone else! 

I wanted to show my personality - I wanted to show me as an individual! And earrings did just that for me.

As I grew older and matured a wee bit, I found it difficult to find earrings that matched my more mature (but still fun!) personality. So, I decided to try and make my own….and now here I am making funky, bright and colourful jewellery to help others showcase their wonderful inner selves!!

My sole purpose is to create colourful, unique and interesting pieces of jewellery that make you feel gorgeous, confident and ready for any occassion!

I have a wonderful circle of fantastic inspirational women in my life and I am continually meeting more and more through this wonderful business. There is no better feeling than being able to support, love and cherish these friendships. If I can make each woman who wears my earrings feel even 1% more confident about themselves, then that is a win in my book! 

Go for it - Stand out, be unique, be YOU!