Hello and welcome to the part about me! Go grab a cuppa...you'll need it to get through this little snippet.

My name is Kayleigh and I am the one woman show behind Phat Poly. 

I love all things kitsch, quirky and colourful....throw in a pattern and you may aswell just take my credit card details because I WANT IT!!

My purpose is to create items that showcase your fabulous personality. I want to create items that make you feel unstoppable when you wear them and where the colours and shapes make you smile so much, you can't but feel happy every time you look at them!

You know that feeling where you are getting ready for work/a night out/an occassion etc. and you are just about ready? The last thing you put on is your shoes and your earrings and you look in the mirror and think BAM, LOOK AT ME....I AM AMAZING!! (insert shoulder shimmy)

Well....knowing that people feel that each and every time they put on their Phat Poly jewellery just makes me jump around like a mad woman every time I think about it....which is a daily occurrence!

I love looking at the positive in everything. I am passionate about supporting people and I am great in a crisis....especially if you need some uber cool jewellery STAT!

I am so lucky to have a circle of the most fantastic and inspirational women around me and I am continually meeting more and more of you through this. I am so grateful for the constant support, love and energy each and every one of you give to me each day and I hope you feel the same about me too!

If I can make everyone who wears my jewellery feel just 1% more confident about themselves - then that is a gigantic win for me. 

Go for it Girl - Be loud, be unique, be YOU...because no one else can be!

Lots of Love,