Jewellery Care

Please treat your Phat Poly earrings with care as they are breakable!

As these items are handmade in nature, slight imperfections may be visible but every effort has been made to prevent this. 

Phat Poly jewellery is made from various lightweight materials including acrylic, brass and polymer clay.

Polymer clay is very durable and bendable but PLEASE DO NOT BEND your earrings. Polymer Clay is bendable but this weakens the product with each bend and I cannot take responsibility for this happening.


  To Care for your Jewellery:

🌟 Please be gentle when removing the backing from your earrings. Pulling hard, twisting and other rough movement can cause the glue to weaken which may cause your earring post to come loose or fall off over time. Sideways pressure WILL cause the earring post to come away from the earring back. Should your earring post come loose, I recommend gluing it back on with Gorilla Gel Super Glue.

🌟 Ensure you handle your pieces with care - they are delicate and like anything, if dropped, stepped on or otherwise mishandled it can result in scratches and breakage.  

🌟 All jewellery can be cleaned softly with a bit of TLC and a clean cloth or unscented wipe.

🌟 For lighter polymer clay colours e.g. white, you can use a tiny amount of nail varnish remover on a cotton bud - do not use too much or scrub too hard however as this will wear away the clay.

🌟 Polymer clay & acrylic is very durable but may break or scratch if bent or stored loose in your bag.

🌟 You can clean tarnished areas on Brass Components with a polishing cloth and a bit of rubbing.

🌟 I know it's sad that you have to take off your jewellery but do not wear when in water or when sleeping as this can cause breakages.

🌟 To keep your jewellery looking as good as possible avoid contact with creams/perfumes etc.

🌟 Store your jewellery in the pouch/gift box provided and put them in a safe place when not worn.

🌟 Keep them away from children and pets!! They may look really fun to play with but they are absolutely not for them.

🌟 I use surgical steel hoops and ear posts only! They are lead and nickel free and should not cause any skin reactions.