I am conscious both of the amount of packaging I use, and the type of packaging I use.

I reuse all of the packaging that I get from my suppliers. Some of this is 'green', but some of it is not. For larger orders where I have to add stuffing to protect the products, that means that you might get packaging that's not marked as recycled, or recyclable. However, re-using it in this way is a way to recycle these bits of packaging.

That also means that the packaging may not look shiny and new. Its not that I don't care about packaging or you, it simply because I want the least footprint possible. And I am sure that you do too!

When I have to buy in packaging, I make sure that it is biodegradable and/or compostable.



At Phat Poly sustainability within my business practices, products and operations is very important to me.

I recognise I can't be perfect but I strive to do everything I can to have the lowest impact on the environment whilst running my business. I know you may be thinking, hang on, but your jewellery is made from plastic! And yes, it is, but the jewellery I make is not intended for single use or fast fashion – it’s designed for life. Each product is created with longevity in mind - which is why I offer a repair service to all my customers.


This year I am committed to sourcing fully recyclable jewellery gift boxes. At the moment, the white gift box each product is presented in is fully recyclable but the foam inside the box needs to be discarded into the general waste bin.

This is something I am currently working on and aim to have my jewellery gift boxes made from FULLY recyclable materials by the end of 2023.

I am also currently working on adding an option on my website where you can request the delivery of your items without gift boxes. These products will be enclosed in biodegradable pouches to keep them safe during transit but you can pop them into your recycle or compost bin when disposing!


 All Phat Poly jewellery has been designed and laser cut in my home studio in Co, Waterford, and then handmade with exceptional care and attention to detail.

Since starting to produce acrylic jewellery I am working on moving over to smaller-batch production. This means that I will make minimal quantities for each restock and only restocking small quantities when sold out. This means that I reduce waste by not creating products that do not sell.

For more detailed and overly statement pieces, I am planning on introducing a pre-order system.



I adore dogs and given the chance, I would foster and rehome every dog that needs it! Unfortunately, that's not how the world works so I sponsor a dog with Dog's Trust to help with the cost of taking care of the beautiful dogs in their care.

You can read more about this here: Dogs Trust Sponsor – Phat Poly



Each year I design a Rainbow Collection in conjunction with Pride Month in June. I continue to support my local Pride Organisation – Pride of the Déise, by donating 10% of each launch to them and supporting them in their Pride March.

Let's use our voices and our bodies to celebrate and empower Irelands LGBTQIA+ people

March with them,
Dance with them,
Sing with them,
Listen to them,
Engage with them,
Learn from them
& above all else,
LOVE them.




My goal for 2024 is to source materials made from recycled acrylic and also recycle my leftover acrylic. Though it is not highly available at the moment, there are companies who are working on building machinery to melt down used acrylic sheets to make new full sheets of acrylic.

These sheets will open new doors to one of a kind colour ways and patterns so I am very excited to see the progression of this in my industry.

I am saving all of my leftover pieces so that I may reuse them in this way in the future.